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I was born in Taylor, Pa.in 1952. I graduated from Riverside High School in 1970 and from Mansfield State University in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education. Following graduation, I married Ray Pavloski and moved to Hamilton, Ontario, where Ray was pursuing his Phd. While in Hamilton, I trained as a psychometrist for the City of Hamilton. In this capacity, I administered intelligence and developmental tests to children and adults for civil and criminal cases in their court system. I later went on to work on child development research through the Psychiatry Department at McMaster University Medical Center in Hamilton. While there,I was part of a research team that studied the effects of premature birth as it related to the development of learning disabilities later in life. As part of that research, I administered developmental tests to children from 3 months of age through 18 years of age in a longitudinal study. I was also a part of a team which studied early infant learning abilities and language development.

Our two sons, Nick and Mike, were born in Hamilton. In 1984, we moved to Indiana, where my husband became a member of the Psychology Department at IUP.

I became a substitute teacher and then an ARIN Learning Support teacher at the Indiana Area Senior High School where I taught Math, Science, and English.
I transferred to Homer - Center Jr./Sr. High School as an ARIN employee and then became a Homer Center employee, where I've been for 13 years. I 'm qualified to teach Math, Reading, English, Science, and Social Studies in the Learning Support curriculum. Currently, I am teaching Science as well as seventh and eighth grade Reading. I am also responsible for seventh and eigth grade IEP's, support, and scheduling. In addition, I am the Special Education Department Coordinator.